Best Transition Jobs for Military Veterans

It’s possible to find high-quality jobs for veterans in every industry. By utilizing the skills you’ve already learned, you can build an enjoyable career without a lot of stress. Here are some of the 10 best transition jobs for military veterans to consider.
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1. Plumber

You might have already learned the basics of plumbing while serving your country. You can choose to work for an established company in your area or venture out on your own. The average salary for a plumber is around $53,000 yearly.

2. Carpenter

Another skilled trade for veterans is a carpenter. If you enjoy working with your hands and creating high-quality pieces, your expertise is in demand. You might even make, on average around $46,000 yearly.

3. Teacher

Likely, you’ve already taught a lot of people during your time in the service. If you want to pursue a job in education, there are many positions available to you. From making an average of $26,000 as a teaching assistant to $60,000 yearly as a high school teacher, there’s no end to the ways you can use your passion.

4. Mechanical Engineer

Military vets often have engineering training, which is why it makes sense to pursue a job in this field. Some companies prefer to hire veterans because they understand that the quality of work will be top-notch. You can make on average, about $87,000 yearly.

5. Airline Pilot

Do you have flying experience from your time in the military? If so, you might thoroughly enjoy flying for one of the major airlines. It doesn’t hurt that the average pay is also about $140,000 yearly.

6. Light Truck Delivery Driver

If you prefer not to travel from home, consider driving trucks locally. You can drive during the day and be home with your family at night. The average pay for these types of jobs is $32,000 a year.

7. Registered Nurse

If you enjoyed taking care of the sick and wounded during your time in the military, it makes sense to continue that career as a nurse. You can work as much or as little as you want as nurses are always in demand. You can also expect an average pay of $71,000 a year.

8. Computer Programmer

Because our military systems are high-tech, you likely have some IT experience that proves to be valuable in the civilian sector. Consider the benefits of computer programming and enjoy an average salary of $84,000 a year.

9. General Manager

Did you build leadership skills in the service? Put them to use when you become a general manager over a team. You can work in almost any sector and make an average of $100,000 yearly.

10. Police Officer

You already have the skills to maintain law and order. Serve your community by providing valuable protection for your neighbors. The average pay for a cop is $61,000. While most people might not consider this a low-stress job, you will likely feel at home after your time in the service.

Mount Carmel Service Center Career Services

Whatever career you want to pursue, Mt. Carmel is available to help you. We work with veterans to create the ultimate resume as well as perform mock interviews so you can be comfortable. If you need further training to land that job, we are ready to provide additional education. We also pair our veterans with recommended employers and other resources to ensure that your job is the one you have hoped for.

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