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Benefits A Veteran Receives from a Veteran Service Center

Both the veteran and their family qualify for numerous benefits from the Veteran Service Center. While the list is endless, we will take a look at a few of the top benefits offered for free to both the veteran, their spouse and the entire family.

Career Services

–          Career placement

We help you and your families find meaningful employment. This can be either a contract position in the field of your choice or a permanent job.

–          Employer Networking

The best way to find employment that matters is to participate in employer networking. We bring together the top companies in the area with qualified workers to ensure a perfect match.

–          Job Fairs

Join one of our local job fairs to connect with even more employers in your chosen industry.

Job Training

–          Resume Building

To stand out, you must have an exceptional resume. Our professionals know how to use your skills and talents to make a lasting impression on employers.

–          Mock Interviews

Before you head to that interview, gain some necessary skills by practicing with our team. We will help you become confident and land that job.

–          Career Training

If you need additional training to work into a position, we are ready to help you get the education you deserve.

–          Skill Assessments

Our staff assesses your skills to help you determine if you need further training or you are ready to go. We work with you to figure out what field is best for your expertise.

–          Personality Tests

Different personalities excel at various positions and we can help you fulfill your deepest passions by matching you to a job that caters to your personality type.

–          Aptitude Tests

Our aptitude tests allow us to figure out your abilities and gauge how you will react in various situations.

–          Certifications

We can help you receive the certifications you need to excel at your dream job.

Spousal Support

Your spouse gains full access to all of our career and job training resources. Both of you have access to career counseling and other benefits at no charge.

Educational Benefits

–          Back-To-School Planning

If you plan to head back to school for additional training, we will help you prepare.

–          Tuition Assistance

Our team finds the means to help you pay for your tuition. You don’t have to navigate the financial aid sector alone.

Financial Education

–          Financial Coaching & Planning

We want you to succeed with money, which is why we have coaches on staff that work with you on a financial plan and coaching.

–          VA Mortgage Education & Financing

If you are ready to buy a home, our financial team also provides education and financing for that mortgage.

Behavior Health

–          PTSD

It’s not uncommon to suffer from PTSD after deployment. Our trained support team knows how to bring you peace of mind effectively.

–          Counseling

You can discuss all of your issues and concerns with a trusted counselor. Our team understands what you are going through and offers practical guidance.

–          Wellness Retreats

Treat yourself to some additional refreshment when you participate in our specialized wellness activities. We work on creating a whole person through the mind, spirit and body.

–          Tai Chi Boxing & Energetics

You can get physically active and relieve some stress with our Tai Chi boxing classes.

Legal Support & Assistance

–          Civil Legal Advice

If you face a civil legal matter, you don’t have to navigate it alone. Let our expert team guide you.

–          Family Law

Don’t tackle the stress of family court on your own. Whether you are dealing with divorce, child custody or support, our team knows how to make the process easier.

–          Bankruptcy

If you need to file bankruptcy, you want an expert by your side.

–          Foreclosure

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid a foreclosure, but we know how to get through the process with ease.

–          Pro Bono Lawyers

Our pro bono lawyers are ready to direct and guide you to success.

Additional Resources

The list of benefits from the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center is endless. Whether you or your family require some extra support, you can find it all at our veterans service center. Contact us for more information.

Eyeglasses for Larry

Retired Army Maj. Larry Mooring admires his new eyeglasses from Veterans Optometry Partners of America.
Retired Army Maj. Larry Mooring admires his new eyeglasses from Veterans Optometry Partners of America.














Larry Mooring was pretty excited about his new eyeglasses when he picked them up at Mt. Carmel this past week. He showed them off to most of our staff members and fellow veterans.

“I was treated like a general back there; it’s embarrassing – I don’t think I deserve it,” said Larry of his experience with Veterans Optometry Partners of America, Mt. Carmel’s in-house partner that provided a complete eye exam, digital lenses and name brand frames without out-of-pocket expense – fully-covered by his annual VA optical benefit.

“They really appreciated me for my service and let me know it,” said Larry. “I’m going to tell other Veterans they should do this – they should call Mt. Carmel and use this great service. They even checked for cataracts!”

As he shared features of his new eyeglasses and details of outstanding customer service from Keegan Meyer’s VOPA team, we learned quite a bit about Larry.

After his commission in West Point’s Class of 1962, the retired Army major served two tours of duty in Vietnam, 29 months total, as an artillery and infantry officer. After the war, he served in Panama and Germany with three assignments to California sprinkled throughout.

Jeremy Parnell of Veterans Optometry Partners of America helps Retired Army Maj. Larry Mooring with his new eyeglasses at Mt. Carmel.
Jeremy Parnell of Veterans Optometry Partners of America helps Retired Army Maj. Larry Mooring with his new eyeglasses at Mt. Carmel.

In Germany, he met and married the love of his life; he and Hannelore mark 46 years of marriage on Dec. 7. Peering through his new glasses, “Isn’t she a looker?”, he asks, holding up a smart phone picture of the two of them on a recent trip to Las Vegas.

Retiring from Army service in 1982, Larry went on to support Colorado Springs students and staff for 20 years leading the supply and logistics team at the Deaf and Blind School as a State employee. He retired from the Colorado Department of Education in 2000.

We wanted to learn more, but Larry wanted to share more about his new eyeglasses.

“…and they have all name-brand frames and great customer service,” Larry continued. “Today, I came in and picked up my glasses, and it didn’t cost me anything. These are super-lightweight, scratch resistant frames — fully-covered by my VA benefit; has to be worth more than $500 with the exam!”

Retired Army Maj. Larry Mooring models his new eyeglasses from Veteran Optometry Partners of America at Mt. Carmel.
Retired Army Maj. Larry Mooring models his new eyeglasses from Veteran Optometry Partners of America at Mt. Carmel.

Are you interested in a thorough eye exam, name brand frames and digital lenses? VOPA at Mt. Carmel welcomes military, veterans and families – and all other community members – to access their insured benefits.

“We welcome all forms of Tricare, Medicaid, Medicare, and most other insurance plans,” said Keegan. “For the uninsured we offer affordable packages as well. We consider it a great privilege to serve the military and Veteran community.”

Learn more:

Celebration and Reflection on Family, Service and Sacrifice

by Retired Army Col. Bob McLaughlin, Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, Chief Operating Officer

The many special dates on the calendar in May brought great celebration and reflection this month. Allow me to highlight just a few.

On May 10, we marked Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The spouses of our military heroes face many unique challenges as they support their service member serving our nation, not the least of which is the hardship of managing and maintaining a career of their own as they transition from one duty station to another.

As the nation enjoys historically low unemployment of less than five percent, our military spouses do not. They face nationwide unemployment of 16 to 24 percent, depending on which survey you read, and underemployment averaging 56 percent. These stats are unacceptable and negatively impact quality of life for military and veteran families. The Mt. Carmel team is doing its part to combat this inequality.

   In partnership with regional ABC affiliate KRDO and the MilHousing Network, we hosted the National MilSpouse Career Summit with live-webcast from Mt. Carmel. The effort was carried via webcast to ABC affiliate pages in 13 cities with large military and veteran communities. The effort featured employers and resources responding to audience questions submitted over social media. Bringing awareness and viable employment options to a wide audience is one positive step we have taken. Video of the informative and inspiring event is posted to our website at

As we near Memorial Day, we will pause and take a knee to honor our brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live free and bountiful lives. With several inspiring community services on that day, please find an appropriate moment to honor all who died in service to our nation.

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