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Veterans Transportation Services in Colorado Springs

Does the VA provide transportation to appointments? Yes, the VA offers several travel solutions. We will look closer at the Veterans Transportation Services (VTS), discuss what VTS transport is, how you can use these services, and what benefits the VA ride service offers. This article serves to inform you of the Veterans Transportation Services available in Colorado Springs to local veterans through the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center.


Veterans Evaluation Services C&P Exams in Colorado Springs

Filing a claim is not always the easiest thing, take insurance claims for example, and VA disability claims are no different. As you start out on your journey to get pension/compensation, we want to make sure you have everything you need. From C&P exams to VA disability claims to appeals, Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center is here to help. Let’s review Veterans Evaluation Services, C&P exams, disability claims, and other helpful information so you have a better understanding of the entire process.


Veterans Canteen Services in Colorado Springs

What are Veterans Canteen Services? At Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, we provide a vast amount of Military Veteran services, including VCS canteen services. If you need any VA canteen service in Colorado Springs, you’ll want to see what we have to offer. From low-cost goods to helpful programs, you can get quite the discount by simply visiting our Veterans Service Center.


Which Places Give Discounts to Military Veterans?

As a military veteran, you have served our country well, and it’s always a perk to find out about places that offer discounts exclusively for military veterans. While Veteran’s Day regularly serves as a day for you to get free goods or great discounts, you can save money all year long at certain establishments where military veterans get discounts every day. Let’s take a look at types of businesses offering veterans discounts in Colorado Springs and beyond. In addition, we will highlight one national company in particular that only works with the military, just like the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. (more…)

Where to Find Jobs for Military Veterans in Colorado Springs

Are you a military veteran? Have you been wondering where you can find jobs suited for your background? At Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, we are dedicated to finding good jobs for local military veterans. We will discuss with you which jobs you might qualify for, how to apply for these jobs, how to prepare for the interview, and show you how to land the job, with or without a degree. As you make the military career transition, allow us to walk alongside you. (more…)

Jobs For People with PTSD

There’s no question that having PTSD alters the way you live your life, but it doesn’t have to rob you of your livelihood. There are lots of PTSD jobs available for veterans. Among the jobs for PTSD sufferers, you can find a way to earn an income in most any industry. We’ve put together some of the best jobs for  PTSD sufferers for you to consider. (more…)

Benefits A Veteran Receives from a Veteran Service Center

Both the veteran and their family qualify for numerous benefits from the Veteran Service Center. While the list is endless, we will take a look at a few of the top benefits offered for free to both the veteran, their spouse and the entire family. (more…)