Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Supportive Services, Anonymous (11/6/17):  I found all of the staff very polite and sincerely interested in heling me.  Thank you so much I felt comfortable enough to share some of military experiences and she listened it helps talking to someone that cares.

Zachery M. (11/6/17):  I was very satisfied in meeting with the Mt. Carmel staff and how helpful they were in answering some of the questions that I had. I was recommended from a VA counselor and I’m very happy with the outcome. Many of my questions were answered by Ms. Farley and she was very helpful in providing me input regarding my resume’ and possibilities for achieving my IT certifications. I’m not sure who sits beside Ms. Farley but she too was very helpful in providing input regarding my VA VocRehab application that was denied by the VA. Both ladies were very good in assisting me and providing positive feedback with my questions that I asked.

Supportive Services, Anonymous (11/7/17):  Meeting with Katie was not uncomfortable or embarrassing. She made me feel comfortable and explained the process completely. When looking for help typically you get looked down upon and I did not feel like that today.


Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (10/3/17):  This time of transition for me is especially stressful since I will be separating the end of this year.  I woke up at 0200 this morning and could not fall back to sleep because I was stressed out about not having a job lined up yet after separation.  Mt. Adam Baker was dedicated and he helped me tremendously with my resume and we finally got the final product today.  In addition, with my networking, I am also depending on Mt. Baker to find a job for me with the resume we worked on today.  He also gave me a contact person to help me with writing the federal resume.  He was very patient and good at his job.  Thank you!

Maria E. (10/10/17):  Adam and Nichole as always were very helpful and curious.  Thank you for making me feel important.

Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (10/11/17):  The staff are a great group of selfless servants.  The reward for Mt. Carmel is seeing the success of the veterans they serve and I am pleased to know they’re on my side.

Group Attendee (10/12/17):  The friendships I have made with both staff and veterans who come here has been very helpful to me.  I enjoy myself every time I come here.

Anonymous (10/13/17):  Frist and foremost, the facilities are clean and user friendly.  Then you add in all the wonderful personnel that work there.  They give a home like atmosphere that helps by relaxing any fear you can come up with.  My experience here at Mt. Carmel was awesome.

Jo V.  (10/17/17):  The team at Mt. Carmel has shown me that I am not alone in this process of transitioning out of the Army and into a successful civilian life. 

David K. (10/19/17):  Very happy with how quickly and easily we were able to get help.  We had issues finding housing that we could afford and Mt. Carmel was able to give us a large amount of options.  A few didn’t work, but we were able to find the perfect fit.

Anonymous (10/20/17):  Very helpful in anyway.  If they can’t help, they will find the resources that can help.

Frederic P. (10/25/17):  My expenses were covered until my brother died.  I was left with no resources and limited income.  Mt. Carmel found a way for my utilities and car to be paid.

Supportive Services, Anonymous (10/31/17):  Staff truly cares for veterans.


Paul H.  (9/8/17):  David was highly professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous to both myself and wife.  He stands notches above others in his desire to help veterans and give back.  We would and will recommend other veterans to seek his advice and assistance.

Client that met with attorney’s (9/12/17):  The staff at Mt. Carmel have made such a positive impact in my life.  They have given me great hope, providing needed resources to help me move forward in my life.  I will be forever grateful for this organization.  Thank you all so very much.


Anonymous (9/13/17):  Every service that I have used at Mt. Carmel has had a positive impact on my transition from military to civilian life.  I would and have recommended Mt. Carmel to past or present military members in need of assistance.


Larry N.  (9/19/17):  Mr. Donahew was more than helpful.  He answered all my questions, filled out necessary forms and gave instructions on the one that I had to have filled out by my doctor.  Could not have been a better experience.  Thank you very much.

Veteran Service Officer & Supportive Services Client, Anonymous (9/19/17):  The staff at Mt. Carmel are always helpful.  From the Peer Navigators, VSO, the front desk, and the volunteer coordinator, I have never had an issue getting the right information as well as the right contact information to keep going forward with my transition. 

Jerome T.  (9/26/17):  Staff are very very helpful and concerned.

Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (9/26/17):  Mt. Carmel has been instrumental in helping me stay focused and motivated during my transition out of the Army.  The people that I have met have been amazing and I wish that I could being them with me when I relocate!  I have been doing my best to put out the word-of-mouth advertising to get more soldiers over there to take advantage of the great services that are provided.  I cannot speak more highly of the entire experience!

Department of Human Services Client, Anonymous (9/28/17):  The lady that filed my food stamp paperwork was very kind and professional.  She went above and beyond when she observed that I was having a difficult day and took the time to let me talk and offered what suggestions she could.  It was a kind gesture and I needed it at the time.  I commend her on her commitment and sincerity to helping us veterans.

Kevin B.  (9/29/17):  With the use of the PPWFC resume software and internet access I was able to get multiple job interviews and at least one permanent job that pays above average wage for my skill set.

AUGUST, 2017

Anonymous (8/1/17): Great place for transition services and mentorship

Anonymous (8/1/17):  While I was unaware of the service that I could receive here, I knew that employment services were one of them.  After meeting with Nicole (Peer Navigator), she not only explained all of the services that she could offer but what Mt. Carmel as a whole could offer me.  I was feeling lost in many areas and did not know where I was going to turn for assistance.  After meeting with Nicole today, I knew exactly where I could get the services from and all the services that Mt. Carmel provided.  I was nervous about meeting Nicole but she quickly made me feel at home and welcomed and eager to help however she could.


Patricia C.  (8/2/17):  Their eagerness to help find other organizations that can offer what they can’t help with.  Mt. Carmel has a variety programs to help veterans.  This center has help to put my stress at ease.

Anonymous (8/3/17): Excellent help all around.

Veteran Service Officer Client, Anonymous (8/4/17): David is excellent, caring and very good.  He goes the extra mile to try and find information for my husband’s case.  Thank you.

Veteran Service Officer & Mt. Carmel Client, Anonymous (8/4/17):  This has been the most helpful experience I’ve had with any Vet service group, so far.

Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (8/7/17): Adam Baker is superb at what he does.  He was very hands on in helping me find a job post retirement.  He put me at ease as I was worried about job placement but his knowledge and contacts pointed me in the right direction.  The amount of resources Mt Carmel is second to none and the staff truly cares about client placement for job.

CIVVIES Client (8/8/17): This facility is an amazing one stop shop.  I was able to walk in say I need help with my resume and was helped in more ways than that.  I was even able to get great help picking out appropriate clothes for interviews.  Karla is absolutely amazing.  We found the right clothes in a great fit and laughed the whole time.  This place is amazing.

Veteran Service Officer Client & Mt. Carmel Client, Anonymous (8/9/17): The staff here is understanding and very attentive.  Being met with a smile is one of the greatest things they do and the service is fast and efficient.

Veteran Service Officer Client & Mt. Carmel Client, Anonymous (8/14/17): I would definitely recommend the very helpful support provided at Mt. Carmel.

Will T. (8/15/17): So far, they have given me a lot of encouragement to not let me sink below the water surface.

Department of Human Services & Mt. Carmel Client Supportive Services, Anonymous (8/16/17): I was very nervous going in, but everyone was so friendly and calm, that it helped to calm me down.  Every question I had was answered well to my satisfaction.  Linda went above and beyond in helping me figure some things out and answer to the best of my ability that long form with the yellow bits on it.  Amber was also very calming and helped re-assure me that things were going to be okay.  I have been very emotional lately about my state of affairs and desperation, and even the people just walking by had a smile and a hello.  I thank you all so much for helping me in more than one way.


Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (8/16/17): Today I met with a peer navigator, Nicole Holling.  She was absolutely wonderful.  I had no idea where to start and she completely lead and drove the conversation so that way I could simply see what resources were available.  I am so grateful for the care and concern that Nicole has for me as a transitioning soldier.  She completely made me feel at ease and I’m grateful to have her as a resource and support conduit!


Veteran Service Officer Client, Anonymous (8/18/17):  It is always pleasant to visit at Mt. Carmel.  Good service, helpful people, good advice.

Veteran Service Officer Client, Anonymous (8/18/17): David was straight forward and very knowledgeable.  He is the man to go to when in need for clarity of the ins and outs of veterans’ benefits. Appreciate his help.

Jermaine W.  (8/22/17):  Friendliness.  Able to relax, knowing that there is help available.

Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (8/23/17):  Mrs. Nicole Holling was very helpful and respectful.  Her knowledge. Experience and friendly personality was very helpful.  The support she provided for interview tips and practice helped me get a very high-profile job!!!

Job Coach Client, Anonymous (8/24/17): The staff at Mt. Carmel is friendly, welcoming, and extremely helpful.  I am grateful for all of the help that I have received and I would highly recommend your organization to any military veteran seeking assistance.  Thank you!

Department of Human Services Client, Anonymous (8/30/17):  I was able to avoid long lines and crowded waiting room that would have triggered my anxiety and maybe more.  Thank you for supporting me and other veterans with your one stop shop!

C.M.  (8/31/17): The people at the desk when you enter the building are friendly and extend genuine concern.  I arrive early at the appointment with Paul having all paperwork ready for me.  Truly this was a positive experience for me.

JULY, 2017

J.L. (7/18/17):  Nicole is fantastic to work with!  She is very professional and cares a lot about her job.

A.P. (7/17/17):  Although I just met with them today, I know that they have my best interest in mind.  I am confident that I made the right decision when I decided to seek their help.

T.L. (7/18/17):  I was surprised at all the things available to veterans in one place.  Great customer service.

Joseph M.  (7/18/17):  It gives me an avenue to try and get veterans affairs services, which seemed very intimidating to me in the past.  Looking forward to working with Mt. Carmel to get these things done that I need to get done.

Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (7/18/17): Very thorough and accommodating.  Genuinely care.

H.S. CIVVIES Client (7/19/17): I received a much-needed price break on work clothing needed for the CWT program which I just began at the VA CLC in Pueblo!!!!!!  MANY THANKS!  This was VERY much APPRICIATEED!


Anonymous (7/26/17): My experience has been wonderful each time I go to Mt. Carmel, I truly experience hope.  The service they provide has given me counseling for my son and I, and great help getting all my benefits as a disabled veteran that in the past have been so far out of reach.


Peer Navigator Client, Anonymous (7/31/17): Amazingly friendly staff when I first entered the building.  Juanita quickly assisted me in getting me where I needed to go and to who I was meeting with.  The person I was meeting with, Chip, was very helpful in letting me know what resources were available for my situation and what my next steps to improve my situation needed to be and how he was going to help in the process.

MAY, 2017

Julius S. (5/5/17): Grateful and appreciative. I am planning on using other resources at Mt. Carmel. Grateful that you are here to help.

APRIL, 2017

Anonymous (4/17/17): Helped with problem. Excellent service.

Margaret C. (4/17/17): Amber is awesome, Mt. Carmel was great. Nice to know you’re here.


James O. (2/9/17): By the way, I wanted to thank you and Mt Carmel. I’ve been fighting my issues for several months being bounced from one place to the next with no end in sight. After meeting with you guys this morning I feel a sense of ease and feel I’m headed in the right direction. Thank You!

Aaron: Mt. Carmel helped me BIG TIME! If it wasn’t for them, I’d be homeless right now. I would recommend everyone go to Mt. Carmel before they decide to just give up!

James: We are raising our autistic son in a hotel and the stress was almost unbearable at times. We needed help! Amber (Generalist Peer Navigator) recognized the need and seemed to take on our case personally. She was very responsive and was easy to talk to about our situation. With all of our trials and tribulations in the past five months, Amber and Mt. Carmel have answered our family’s prayers and for that we are humbled and grateful. We are thankful for the quick response from everyone on the team and we will tell everyone how amazing and helpful you all have been! Thank you from my family and God Bless!


Danny N. (10/24/16): I, Danny Nguyen, retired from the Air Force after 21 years of service. Prior to taking TAPS for my transition, I did not know that Mt Carmel was available to help transition from the military to civilian. They came to TAPS course both at USAFA and Schriever (the ones I attended) to discuss their services. A representative also came to PrepConnect course to talk to the class and to help with mock interviews. I was assigned an advisor at Mt Caramel and he contacted me almost every week to check on my progress and if I needed any support from him during the job search. It was only because of Mt Carmel’s amazing support with networking events, mock interviews, resume writing, certification support, and lots of other services along with caring for veterans that I was able to get a Federal Civil Service job as Homeland Security Coordinator in an Emergency Preparedness Unit in Denver. It was a position that I did not even apply for, but through Mt Carmel’s networking events, my resume was seen by a hiring manager and they contacted me directly for the position. My Carmel helped fund an IT certification that helped my resume stand out with the hiring managers. Mt Carmel is a truly professional organization that is vital to supporting the military and veterans transition from the military. I can’t say Thank You enough to everyone at the organization for helping me transition!

AUGUST, 2016

Torri M. (8/11/16): Aaron Kiewicz was my Peer Navigator through a tough military transition and a dark time in my life. Suffering from chronic PTSD and a court-martial he was always available and offering support even when I said I was good but was really not. Even after my separation he has stayed in touch and been supportive. He got me enrolled in Hire Heroes that actually assisted me with finding employment in another state. He even reviewed and personally edited my resume. Having little clothes Aaron also procured resources to get me business casual outfitted for my new job. He provided an ear for me to vent when I had no other outlet. I can honestly say that the Peer Navigator program and Aaron saved my life.

Patrick G. (8/31/16): I just wanted to thank you (Aaron) and the Peer Navigators for the incredible support and assistance you have provided me since retiring from the AF earlier this year. Specifically; you (Aaron) assisted me with writing a professional resume, found and presented a job offer, prepared me for the interview process, financed appropriate attire and continued to remain in contact with me. During my transition from the military to the private sector your company completely eliminated the stress involved with seeking employment and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you, Patrick.

JULY, 2016

Denitas F. (7/28/16): My Peer Navigator experience was outstanding, and I would highly recommend them to other service members who are transitioning into the civilian world. I must say that I was probably quite a challenge to prepare for an interview, but Aaron and the team was patient and determined to help me master my interviewing skills. This team truly cares about you as a person and helping you succeed. The company also assisted me in getting business attire for my interviews, which helped out tremendously. This is a great program for transitioning veterans, and without their help I would still be without a job. Thank you Peer Navigator Team!

JUNE, 2016

Quentin C. (6/7/16): Peer Navigators was instrumental in my transition process. They provided exactly what I needed to assist in my transition out of the military. They provided me with multiple mock interviews. These helped me identify certain weaknesses that I was able to fix and utilize in my final mock interview. They were able to provide me with resume assistance from Hire Heroes, which automatically made me more marketable. Finally, the networking events were a great way for me to meet potential employers and become used to discussing jobs and giving my personal statement to people. Peer Navigators is an invaluable resource that all veterans need to utilize as they transition out of the military. The tools, resources and networking they provide will maximize your marketability and assist in finding employment.

Isabelle Dominique R. (6/28/16): The program primarily helped me focus on specific transition targets, with resume revisions and formatting (that I used for all future revisions/job application submissions), and in preparing for the interviews (particularly the Booz Allen one). It was especially helpful to have someone local to talk to throughout the transition, even if we only chatted periodically.

APRIL, 2016

Christina M. (4/21/16): I recently transitioned from the U.S. Army about five months ago. In early November 2015, I was I was enrolled in an Advanced Veteran Transition Assistance Course, PrepConnect 360. On day four of this particular course, during the mock interview portion, I was introduced to Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence. I was afforded the opportunity to not only interview with one Peer Navigator, but three different Peer Navigators at two separate interview tables. Since those first two mock interviews, I sought additional help through one of their Peer Navigators to continue improving my transitional skills. Not only have these experiences increased my confidence level for interviewing, but it has improved my targeted resume writing skills tremendously. Mt. Carmel has also provided me with the necessary tools and information to survive outside of my comfort zone, which happened to be the military lifestyle, where everything I did in my career was somewhat of a ‘cut and paste’ template, so to speak. Today, the shared knowledge continues to allow me to grow as a professional, has enabled me to expand my network at local networking events hosted by Mt. Carmel, and finally establish my personal brand.

Mario E. (4/21/16): My name is Mario, I just completed three years of active duty in the U.S Army. It was during that transition time from military to civilian, that I needed a mentor and an outreach program to help me find work and the resources to get started in school. Thanks to Mr. Martinez and Mt. Carmel I was able to write a resume, rehearse for a job interview, and get the job. I had a job waiting for me 2 months before I left the army. Thank you for your time and professionalism in making the transition not only smooth but successful.

Derek P. (4/21/16): My experiences with the Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence and the Peer Navigators has continued to have significant and positive changes in my life. My initial appointment assuaged many of my concerns with transitioning from the military. Daniel helped me with developing and fine tuning my resume, which was critical to getting me three interviews with potential employers. David even helped provide assistance for uniforms that I wore to my new job. My experiences with Aaron and Jennifer have always been positive, entertaining, and professional. This organization has gone above and beyond my expectations as a veteran’s assistance program.

Joseph C. (4/21/16): While making the transition from military life to a civilian career, Mt. Caramel Center for Excellence was there to offer support. The dedicated staff know what it means to serve in the military. They care for veterans and are well equipped with the tools needed to offer meaningful assistance. Their networking events are entertaining and enjoyable yet serve a greater purpose by assisting veterans in connecting with employers. I highly recommend connecting with the people at the Mt. Caramel Center for Excellence and utilizing their services.

Kyle S. (4/21/16): Concern, knowledge, guidance, and resources. These are the four very practical, non-glamorous descriptors that come to mind for Mt. Carmel and Peer Navigators. When I first met with my Peer Navigator, I found him and his team to be genuinely concerned and interested in my situation. They listened and asked thoughtful questions to help determine my current state, and not just my employment status, but my emotional and physical state as well. While they’re not counselors or social workers, they worked right next door to these types of folks, and were clearly prepared to stick with me until all me needs were met, as best as possible. My Navigator helped me re-frame my job search, encouraged me and kept in touch with me, and I quickly found suitable employment. Additionally, Mt. Carmel funded me taking a certification test that cost $600, and put me in line for better employment opportunities! All in all, I’m very grateful and impressed with the Peer Navigator program. They meet Veterans right where they are, and look for ways to help, across the entire spectrum of needs. Thanks for the great work you do!

Dean M. (4/21/16): For a service member, no mission is more daunting than transition to civilian employment. With more than 25 years of service, and with less than a year till retirement, I met the Peer Navigators of the Mt Carmel Center of Excellence. Peer Navigator Aaron Kiewicz formed up on my wing and stayed with me to the very end: permanent civilian employment just over a year later. Leading to that point, Aaron and his team each contributed to my success in many ways — reaching out proactively and routinely to invite me to networking events, resume reviews, job interview preparation, VA benefits access and more. Ultimately, it was the personal relationship with Aaron and his team that resulted in a connection with my current employer. Long before that happened, I considered each of the Peer Navigators a personal friend.

Community Testimonials

“I would like to thank you for hosting the Career Specific (Law Enforcement) Fair at Mt. Carmel on March 22, 2017. I viewed the event as a huge success for our local agency.

Law Enforcement Recruiting has experienced some hardships over the last couple of years. However it is an enlightening to experience to see veterans still wanting to serve their local communities after they have served this great nation in places all over the world.

Veterans bring a sense of honor, teamwork and a make mission philosophy wherever they go in their civilian careers. These attributes are especially helpful in law enforcement. I myself am a 10 year U.S. Army Combat Veteran and have 20 years of service in Law Enforcement, therefore understanding the transition. I and other Law Enforcement Recruiters are thankful for the event and for you and your team’s efforts to make this happen.

Thank you,”

Sergeant C. Harrington
Recruiting Section
El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

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