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As our five local military installations continue to track approximately 400 service members transitioning out of our local military force each month, there are multiple opportunities for local corporations, businesses and organizations to get involved in and support veteran job seekers. The Mt. Carmel Transition & Employment Team looks forward to working with your company to find the best way for you to make a difference in veterans!

Critical for all clients, whether they be in transition from active duty, or years into their civilian lives, finding meaningful employment can be the difference for them and their ability to be happy, productive and engaged members of our community.

By assisting our veterans and family members you help everyone in the community. Keeping these very talented individuals in our communities will help to grow your business and our economy. Here are a few ways you can help:

Hire a Veteran
If you have employment opportunities and are looking for veterans to hire let us help you find those individuals. We work with veterans and their family members seeking jobs every day. If we know of specific employment opportunities in the community, we can send the best candidates your way!

Each month, Mt. Carmel hosts Networking and Mock Interview events to teach transitioning service members these vital job seeking skills. We always bring in community employers to assist us, and their coaching and mentorship is invaluable! We would love to have you on our team!

Spread the Word
Guide veterans and their families to Mt. Carmel so we can provide additional support and help. Remember, we do more than just employment at Mt. Carmel, if you know a veteran who needs any type of support, please send them our way so we can get them the best resources possible!

Join our Internship Program
Critical to the veteran population and to their spouses is the opportunity to gain relevant civilian workforce experience. Veterans often have little concept of what working in an office or a particular industry environment would be like. There also can be hesitation on the part of employers to hire and train a transitioning service member given their lack of civilian experience. Equally challenging is the ability for the spouse of a veteran to enter the workforce with the gaps in employment history and potentially lost work experience due to frequent moves and managing the family dynamic during their spouse’s deployments.

In both cases, having the opportunity to earn experience through internships at reputable organizations that potentially have permanent positions available at the conclusion of the assignment represents the perfect entrée into civilian employment. Even if the hiring organization is unable to offer the intern permanent employment, the experience will provide the veteran or eligible family member with valuable experience to contribute to a stronger resume and afford them greater job prospects in the future.

We are currently seeking employers who would be willing to participate in this great program by hiring veterans and eligible family members through this wonderful internship program.

Employer Days
If your organization is looking to fill a wide variety of positions or a large number of positions, do not hesitate to contact Mt. Carmel to have your very own Employer Day at our beautiful facility.  Basically, this is your very own recruiting event or job fair!

Industry Specific Job Fairs
Mt. Carmel hosts industry specific job fairs.  With these industry specific events, anyone that walks through the door is a possible candidate for your organization.

Contact: To get involved in any of these employer programs, please call Mt. Carmel at 719-772-7000.