Jobs For People with PTSD

There’s no question that having PTSD alters the way you live your life, but it doesn’t have to rob you of your livelihood. There are lots of PTSD jobs available for veterans. Among the jobs for PTSD sufferers, you can find a way to earn an income in most any industry. We’ve put together some of the best jobs for  PTSD sufferers for you to consider.
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1. Plumber

Did you enjoy working with your hands while serving our country? Sometimes, keeping the hands busy helps you to avoid PTSD symptoms. With this trade, you can make a good income as well, with an average salary of around $53,000 a year.

2. Teaching Assistant

Do you enjoy educating the next generation? Even if you don’t want the responsibility of being a teacher, you can assist and receive just as much gratification. Plus, these valuable personnel make around $27,000 per year.

3. Light Truck Delivery Driver

With so many people ordering online these days, there’s never a shortage of delivery drivers. If you enjoy being out on the road, this might be the profession that suits your needs. Plus, you can make an average of $33,000 a year.

4. Computer Technician

If you love to tinker with computers, it’s to put your skills to work. As a computer technician, you help others and can also make around $51,000 each year.

5. Accountant

If you know a lot about managing money, there are plenty of customers that would pay for your expertise. Teach others about finance when you become an accountant, and you can earn around $71,000 a year.

6. Security Guard

You have protected our country; now it’s time to put those skills to work by guarding private property and other valuable locations. You can feel accomplished after a day at work and make around $29,000 per year.

7. Groundskeeper

Does working with plants and being outdoors make you feel better? Enjoy the warm sunshine as a groundskeeper. Be one with nature and make around $29,000 each year.

8. Dog Trainer

Spend time with man’s best friend when you train dogs. Teach them a new trick and watch your bank account increase about $29,000 per year.

9. Business Owner

You can be your own boss by putting whatever knowledge you have to work. Not only do you get to make your own hours and rules, but you can also make an unlimited amount of income.

10. General Manager

If you don’t want to run your own company, consider helping someone else by managing employees and operations. The income level will vary based on what industry you choose.

PTSD And Holding Down A Job

PTSD sufferers can maintain a job with the help provided by Mt. Carmel Service Center. We are here to help you train for the job, interview and maintain it year after year. Talk to us about resume building, job training, mock interviews and PTSD counseling.

Mount Carmel Service Center Career Services

Mt. Carmel is dedicated to helping veterans just like you. We will work with you to build your resume, perform mock interviews and even help you find that next job. We even pair veterans to recommended employers and the resources that get you hired.

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