KVOR Radio Interview, The Richard Randall Show- Mt. Carmel soldiers-on alongside Army Veteran

Mt. Carmel Client / Army Veteran Harold

Mt. Carmel is proud to soldier-on alongside Army Veteran Harold! While in uniform, he served as a forward observer to direct fire, led security missions, conducted detention operations, operated heavy vehicles and led teams responsible for feeding troops. “I wanted to help our country; I wanted to lead. I did that for 22 years and served 4 tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. I trained and led good people; I’ve lost soldiers in combat, and I’d do it all over again,” said Harold. In retirement, before Christmas 2017, Harold was laid off from work. Financial hardship forced separation from his family and relocation to Colorado Springs to find work. Bills went unpaid; a vehicle was repossessed; he went through an eviction. In early October, Harold was referred to Mt. Carmel where our Supportive Services team & partners (El Paso County VSO & Colorado VFW) helped with rent and resources. Next, we helped launch a look into his VA benefits with support of the El Paso County Veterans Service Office at Mt. Carmel. In less than a month, a tragic series of multiple administrative errors with life-impacting result were corrected and VA payments owed to Harold dating back to 2013 were paid in full. “I thank God every day. I’ve been struggling for five years. This is a blessing for my family,” said Harold. “I have a car now; I can go to bed and know it’s not going to be repossessed. Bill collectors aren’t calling.” While life has changed significantly, some VA paperwork still requires correction and Harold plans to work with a Pikes Peak Workforce Center financial coach as he rebuilds his credit to buy a home. Today, the Army leader in him still looks to mentor, “For our younger veterans, I tell them: when pursuing benefits, they’ve earned, don’t give up the fight! It’s worth it. I tell all veterans to visit Mt. Carmel. This organization took care of me and I’m so thankful.”

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