Legal Aid Services for Veterans in Colorado Springs

When the time comes to find legal services for Veterans, you need to know who to trust. We will show you how Mt. Carmel strives to find Veteran legal services for those in the Colorado Springs area. Whether through legal services, Veterans’ legal aid, or local clinics, we have the connections you need to get help fast. Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center aims to help local Military Veterans with legal services, just as we are always here to support your overall wellbeing.

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What are Legal Services for Military Veterans?

There are many times when legal help for Veterans is needed. Whether you need legal advice and consultation or are looking for help with a landlord, debt collection, disability SSI, harassment, overpayments, bankruptcy, or foreclosure, we can help you find the appropriate Veterans’ legal services. Talk to our team today to see what services might be available for your situation.

Pikes Peak Justice & Pro Bono Project

Pikes Peak Justice and Pro Bono Center

Currently, at Mt. Carmel Veterans Center, we connect local Military Veterans seeking legal aid/services with the Pikes Peak Justice & Pro Bono Project. Attorneys volunteer their time to assist veterans with civil legal matters by providing legal advice. Cases they can help with: Family Law, landlord cases, debt collection, harassed by debt collectors, disability SSI cases, overpayment from SSI cases, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, probate planning & estate planning (wills), public benefits, food stamp issues, Veteran benefits, ID protection (can’t get drivers licenses, etc.). What they cannot help with: any fee generating cases (i.e. sue someone, etc.).

Eligibility: Veterans (regardless of discharge status, era of service, or disability). There is an income eligibility requirement.

Contact: To schedule an appointment please call Mt. Carmel at 719-772-7000.

Are All Veteran Legal Services Free for Military Veterans?

While there are some free Veteran legal services, others will cost something. However, some programs are discounted to provide further aid. By understanding your situation better, we can help you find the lawyers for Veterans that fit your financial need. Whether you need a pro-bono lawyer, or you’re looking for low-cost legal aid, we can connect you to the appropriate resource.

Are Only Certain Military Veterans Eligible for Legal Assistance?

Not all Military Veterans are eligible for legal aid in Colorado. If you are looking for a JAG lawyer, you cannot have a dishonorable discharge on your record. Otherwise, the time you served, your current disabilities, and your income will not prohibit you from getting the VA lawyers you need. Additionally, many Veteran spouses are eligible for legal assistance in certain situations.

General Legal Information & Resources

Besides the legal aid lawyers that we can connect you with, there are other valuable resources to be aware of. You don’t need to search for free notary services near me or other related terms. Instead, trust in Mt. Carmel Veterans Center to provide you with the information you need during any legal situation. At the VA offices, we can connect you with non-lawyer advocates that will aid with your VA-related and other disability claims. In addition, we can help you find nonprofit and other membership organizations that provide further guidance to Colorado Veterans.

Legal Services & Other Veterans Services in Colorado Springs

Mt. Carmel Veterans Center helps local Military Veterans across Colorado find legal help along with other Veteran services to assist in the transition to and during all aspects of their civilian life. If you are or know a Military Veteran in need of legal assistance, contact Mt. Carmel. We are also here to help with other services, such as job placement or transportation. Plus, if anything is troubling or concerning you, we will be happy to assist. Contact us today to learn more about your options for legal aid in Colorado.

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