Veterans Transportation Services in Colorado Springs

Does the VA provide transportation to appointments? Yes, the VA offers several travel solutions. We will look closer at the Veterans Transportation Services (VTS), discuss what VTS transport is, how you can use these services, and what benefits the VA ride service offers. This article serves to inform you of the Veterans Transportation Services available in Colorado Springs to local veterans through the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center.

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Veterans Transportation Program (VTP): What It Is & The Benefits

The Veterans Transportation Program (VTP) offers many travel solutions to Military Veterans. There are three pillars of travel solutions provided for Veterans:

  • Veterans Transportation Service (VTS)
  • Beneficiary Travel (BT)
  • Highly Rural Transportation Grants (HRTG)

Each pillar serves a different purpose, but all three are designed to help the local Military Veteran communities across Colorado, and the United States, find their needed transportation services.

Veterans Transportation Services (VTS)

Veterans Transportation Services (VTS) provides reliable transport to Veterans that need assistance traveling to and from local VA health care facilities, as well as authorized non-VA health care appointments. The VTP partners with local service providers to offer these transportation needs.

Beneficiary Travel (BT)

The Beneficiary Travel (BT) program provides reimbursement to eligible Veterans that incur costs when traveling to and from the VA health care facility. This program offers pre-approved transportation solutions and specialized mode transportation. Under particular conditions, some Veterans qualify for carrier transport with a train, airline, taxi, or bus.

Highly Rural Transportation Grants (HRTG)

Highly Rural Transportation Grants (HRTG) provides additional grants to Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) and other state Veteran agencies. In counties that contain less than seven people in a square mile, these grants are vital for Veteran transportation services.

Are Veteran Transportation Services Free to Military Veterans?

Veteran transportation is provided at little or no cost. In some situations, the Veterans transportation assistance is entirely free. It’s best to speak with a VA transportation representative to determine if you qualify for free or low-cost transportation assistance. If you need help during this process, please contact us at Mt. Carmel, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Are There Transportation Services Available to Military Veterans for Non-VA or Non-Healthcare Needs?

While the Veterans Transportation Program covers many VA rides to the doctor, there are other benefits you can expect to receive. In some situations, it’s possible to get funding for different transportation needs. Whether you have non-healthcare needs or need a ride to a non-VA physician, it’s best to speak with a professional about what is covered.

Veterans Transportation Services Available to Military Veterans in Colorado Springs

You might be tempted to search “veteran services near me,” but that might not the best way to find the solutions you require. Instead, please reach out to us at the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. We help local Military Veterans across Colorado transition to civilian life. We partner with companies that provide low cost and free transportation options to local Veterans in Colorado Springs. If you are looking for travel solutions and are a local Military Veteran, a family member, or caretaker of a Military Veteran, Mt. Carmel can help you find what you need. We are always here to help all our local Military Veterans and their families. If you need transportation services or are struggling with any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to assist and give back to the Veterans that have served us.

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