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Veterans Optometry Partners of America welcomes *ALL* members of the community! VOPA is now performing annual eye exams and providing eyeglasses in residence at Mt. Carmel. Led by Keegan Meyer and his team, formerly of Abba Eyecare, the effort helps veterans access their covered, annual free VA eye exam and a free pair of glasses.Keegan with patient

“This service is open to veterans of any era and includes a comprehensive exam and digital lenses by a licensed optometrist,” said Keegan. “Many veterans are unaware of their annual optical care benefit. This partnership encourages veterans to access that and I’m excited to provide the exam and glasses at Mt. Carmel.”

Veterans Optometry Partners of America at Mt. Carmel welcomes military, veterans and families – and all other community members – to access their insured benefits. “We welcome all forms of Tricare, Medicaid, Medicare, and most other insurance plans,” said Keegan. “For the uninsured we offer affordable packages as well.”

How to schedule an eye appointment for Mt. Carmel Veterans Center with Veterans Optometry Partners of America *if using your VA benefit*:

Step 1. Call the Eastern Colorado Community Care line at (720)857-5988 and hit option 1 to schedule your eye appointment with Springs Dry Eye Center or Veterans Optometry Partners of America (same company).

Step 2. The VA nurse will then create an authorization letter and send it to Tri-West who will in turn call you to set up the exam (this process may take a week or two).

Step 3. When Tri-West calls you and asks where you want to be seen, tell them Springs Dry Eye Center or Veterans Optometry Partners of America (same place). They will then call us to confirm information and time.

Step 4. You will get a confirmation from Tri-West of your date and time. After that we will see you on your appointment date! Tri-West will mail you a confirmation letter that you are welcome to bring with you to your appointment at Mt. Carmel.

Please call with any questions or issues: (719) 596-2020

Our address: Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, 530 Communications Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Please show up 15 mins before your appointment time. Our doctor will provide a full, comprehensive eye appointment which includes an eye health evaluation and also a refraction in case you need glasses. After seeing the doctor you will then see our optical optician who will get you fitted for glasses.

*Your eye appointment and glasses are fully covered by the VA. You will not have any out of pocket co-pays or other cost!!!! So just bring yourself and a smile!,” – Keegan Meyer

Download the program “How To” card HERE


Keegan Meyer, Owner of Veterans Optometry Partners of America