Ways to Help

Your donation can make a difference in a Veteran’s life today!

Because of your generosity, we can provide vital services to Veterans and their families through our programs, resources and education. At Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence, we make it easy for military and their families to receive the support and services they need by bringing a broad range of agencies and programming together under one roof.

Benefits of Donating:

Tax Deductible giving
Mt. Carmel is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit, public charity or 501(C)3. As a result your gift may qualify as a tax deduction on your Federal Income Tax.

Colorado Enterprise Zone
If you pay Colorado State Income Taxes, your gift to Mt. Carmel may also qualify for an additional 25% tax savings on your state income tax! Gifts must be at least $250.

For this benefit, you will need to make a check out to El Paso County Enterprise Zone, put Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence in the memo line and provide either the last 4-digits of your social security number, or your company’s EIN#, e-mail address and mail it to:

Ms. Angela Ann Cesario
Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence
PO Box 85
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

If you would not like to take advantage or the Enterprise Zone benefit, simply make your donation below: