What Does a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) Do?

If you are applying for Veteran benefits, you will want to know what a Veteran Service Officer in Colorado Springs does. This article will evaluate the role of the Veteran Service Officer, otherwise known as the VSO. At Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, we strive to educate and empower local Military Veterans. We can help you find the Veteran services that are available to you in Colorado Springs.

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What is a Veteran Service Officer (VSO)?

What is a VSO? The VA Service Officer works with state, county, and local Veteran service representatives to receive training that helps you apply for and understand VA benefits you might be entitled to. These benefits include education, compensation, employment, vocational rehabilitation, home loans, pension, life insurance, health care, plus burial benefits. The VSO, local Veteran Service Officer, also aids you in gathering any evidence to submit a Fully Developed Claim. Most Veterans Service Representatives offer services at no charge, but there might be a request for reimbursement if there are unusual expenses involved.

What Exactly Does a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) Do?

So, what does a VSO do? The county Veteran Service Office provides representatives that will help you write and submit your benefits claims to the VA. Their job is to gather information and help support your claim. After the claim is filed, the VSO will track it with you through the system. This representative also helps you file the appeals needed if a claim is denied.

Can a Veteran Service Officer Help Increase Disability Rating?

We have already covered how important it is to have a Veterans Service Officer help you through the application and claims process, but can the VSO help increase your disability rating? Sadly, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. We can’t guarantee that the VA will raise your disability rating simply because you use a VSO. However, the Veteran Service Officer reviews your application and understands what the VA is looking for. If you don’t know what conditions allow for additional compensation, you might make a mistake that puts your disability rating at risk. That’s why it’s best to have someone on your side that understands what they are doing.

Can a Veteran Service Officer View Your C&P Exam?

What does a Veterans Service Representative do exactly? One essential job of the VSO is to get your C&P exam. You can also contact your local VA regional office or call the VA at 800-827-1000 to request an appointment allowing you to view the file.

Do VA Service Officers Represent the Veteran?

The VSO is meant to represent the Veteran. The goal of this representative is to help you understand your benefits and the application process. To do this, the VSO will walk with you through the entire process. Attempting to navigate the system without this representation can cause a lot of headaches. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, it’s best to use a VSO that knows the process.

Military Veteran Services Center in Colorado Springs at Mt. Carmel

Mt. Carmel Veterans Center strives to help local Military Veterans across Colorado with many Veteran services that aid in the transition to and during their civilian life. We also help with all aspects of their civilian life. If you are or know a Military veteran in Colorado and Colorado Springs looking for behavioral health, supportive services, transition and employment, community connections, among other Veteran services, Mt. Carmel can help. If anything is troubling or concerning you or them, or if any help is needed at all, please contact us at Mt. Carmel, and we will be happy to assist.

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