Where to Find Jobs for Military Veterans in Colorado Springs

Are you a military veteran? Have you been wondering where you can find jobs suited for your background? At Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, we are dedicated to finding good jobs for local military veterans. We will discuss with you which jobs you might qualify for, how to apply for these jobs, how to prepare for the interview, and show you how to land the job, with or without a degree. As you make the military career transition, allow us to walk alongside you.
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Where to Find Jobs for Military Veterans

If you are searching to find jobs for military veterans, you want to start with Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. Local employers know that we help place vets in rewarding careers, many times, we know about new job openings first. In addition to our networking and resources, you could also look at Military.com, USAjobs.gov, and other online job boards to find current job opportunities in Colorado Springs. If you need further help finding military veteran jobs, we recommend talking to us about some local companies you’re interested in and about your desires.

How to Search Through Jobs Listings for Military Veterans

To find the appropriate military-to-civilian job equivalent that’s right for you, start by considering what your skills are. What did you learn in the military that could be turned into a career? Search the job listings board by the type of job that you feel your qualifications or past history match adequately. For example, you will find government jobs listed separately than construction jobs and so forth. Make sure you apply the appropriate filters to narrow down the choices in your job search.

Jobs for Military Veterans: With Degrees vs. Without Degrees

When you are looking at jobs for military veterans, you will see a wide range of options available to those with college degrees. These jobs include positions such as Cybersecurity Data Scientists, Commercial Pilots, or Industrial Electronic Technicians. Typically, jobs for military veterans with a degree tend to offer higher pay than jobs for military veterans without a degree. However, there are still plenty of good jobs open to military veterans that pay well without a college degree. You can look at entry-level security jobs, computer specialists/programmers, gas plant operators, postmasters, first-line supervisors, or government contractors.

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview as a Military Veteran

An excellent first impression is key to acquiring any job you want. First, make sure you dress professionally and preferably not in your military uniform. Get a fresh haircut and keep facial hair trimmed/kempt if applicable. Make sure that your resume highlights all of your military job history, accomplishments, and achievements. Relate situations you found yourself in while serving that can be beneficial to the specific career that you’re applying for. If you want further assistance training for your upcoming job interview, talk to our team at Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center and we will be happy to help.

Job Placement for Military Veterans at Mt. Carmel

You don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out or stressing about where to find jobs for military veterans in Colorado Springs. We can help you get from Point A to Point B with ease. Our team is dedicated to helping local military veterans find the jobs they desire in Colorado Springs. We walk through the job search process with you, help you apply, and prepare you for the job interview. Our team will perform mock interviews for further preparation and set you up with some local job fairs for more guidance. Talk to our team today to find out how we can give back to you.

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